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I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. As an energetic yet indecisive kid, I divided my time between volleyball practice, swim team, piano lessons, and band practice. My first taste of performing for an audience was at my Bat Mitzvah, where I was complimented on my singing voice after chanting my Torah portion. The rest was history.
Just kidding. It wasn't until my sophomore year of high school that had the guts to pursue my dream of becoming an actor. I transferred to the performing arts magnet school where my love of theater was ignited. Wanting only to continue the love affair, I went on to pursue a BFA in Musical Theater at Pace University in New York City.
Shortly after graduating in 2017, I joined the 2nd national tour of Kinky Boots where I had the opportunity to work with DB Bonds and Rusty Mowery. More importantly it gave me the opportunity to feel like a British pop star in over 70 American cities.
Outside of theater, my hobbies include cooking, swimming, traveling, hiking, practicing and teaching Pilates, and watching NBA basketball. I currently reside in Brooklyn.


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